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| President's Award | Empress I Millicent Lifetime Achievement Award |
| Mother Jean Lawson Memorial Award | Ultima Titles |
| John DeSmit Citizenship Award | Rising Star Award |
President's Award
The President's Award is presented each year to a member of the lower house whose service and dedication has gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting the Executive Board.

This award is selected by the Executive Board.

2017 Kenya DeWitt
2016 none
2015 Rob Browatzke
2014 Larissa Russell
2013 Kim Pizzey
2012 TJ Alexander
2011 Michael Connolly
2010 Rick Dennis & Bob Contant
2009 Jeff Park & Brian Baker
2008 Ian Crichton
2007 Cory Anderson
2006 LJ Steele, GoDiva, Mara
2005 Rob Browatzke
2004 Ryan Wardrope
2003 David Taylor
Empress I Millicent Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a member of the College of the ISCWR who has contributed 10 or more years of service to the Court.

2017 Lorne Stelmach
2016 Chris Hamilton
2015 LJ Renard
2014 Vanity Fair
2013 GoDiva
2012 Rob Browatzke
2011 Leah Way
2010 Jim McBride
2009 Ron Byers
2008 Ida Claire
2007 Ray St. Claire
2006 Jim Schaefer
2005 Horst
2004 Mr. Twiggy
2003 Gretchen Wilder
2002 Beverley Crest
2001 Chatty Cathy Jackson
2000 Marsha Black
1999 Tony Janson
1998 Mother Jean Lawson
Mother Jean Lawson Memorial Award

The Mother Jean Award was created by their majesties Emperor and Empress XXX Lloyd and Leah in honor of Empress X Mother Jean's Double Decade. The award is presented each year to an ally of the ISCWR whose service and dedication to the court has been outstanding.

2016 Joyce LaBriola
2015 Shauna Forsyth
2014 Gwen & Don Schilling
2013 Lori Uhryn
2012 Muffy
2011 Michelle Pederson
2010 Laurie Blakeman
2009 Kari Sorensen
2008 Robin Gates
2006 Laurina Panas & Ryan Wardrope
Ultima Titles

The title "Ultima" is a special honor bestowed on individuals who have made remarkable contributions to court life. The recipients must be approved by both the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose (Edmonton) and the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch (Calgary) and their titles are considered lifetime titles and part of both courts.

Imperial Godfather Ultima of all Alberta Clint (Calgary)
Imperial Grand Mama Ultima of all Alberta Tina (Vancouver)
Her Most Imperial Godmother Ultima of all Alberta Ray St. Clarie (Edmonton)
Imperial Crown Prince Ultima of all Alberta Michael Kurylo (Edmonton)
Imperial Bitch Supreme Ultima of all Alberta Ernestine (Calgary)
Sister Empress Ultima of all Alberta Dawn Valley Parkway (Toronto)
Diamond Stardust Ultima of all Alberta Syretta Santana (Calgary)
The Ultimate Legend in her Own Lunchtime of All Alberta Twiggy (Edmonton)
Master of Ceremonies Ultima of All Alberta Ron Byers (Edmonton)
The Triple Crowned Piper Pig Ultima of all Alberta David Atchison (Calgary)
The Hospitality Empress Ultima of all Alberta Joanne Bitler (Regina)
Guardian Angel Ultima of all Alberta Debbie (Calgary)
Guardian Wild Party Child Ultima of all Alberta Mr. Vera (Edmonton)
Lady of Elegance and Grace Ultima of all Alberta Natalie Santana (Calgary)
Choreographer Ultima Garry (Edmonton)
Her Most Gracious Ultima Calgary's Christmas Diva Empress
and Edmonton's Ultimate Half Empress
Mz. Rhonda (Calgary)
Unity Empress Ultima of all Alberta Leah Way (Edmonton)
Entertainer of all Tyme Ultima of all Alberta Justyne Tyme (Calgary)
The Ever Ready All Faithful Ambassador of Class Ultima of all Alberta Lonnie (Calgary)
The Pom Pom Cheerleader Empress of All Alberta Marni Gras (Edmonton)
Glitz and Glam Diva Ultima of Alberta Dyna Myte (Calgary)
Master of Sound and Light Ultima Scott Brier (Calgary)
The Luv of the People Ultima Dee Luv (Edmonton)
Organizer Extraordinare Ultima Ivanna Diamonds (Edmonton)
Sambuca Queen Ultima of All Alberta Roxy Ricochet (Calgary)
The John DeSmit Citizen of the Year Award

The Citizen of the year award is presented to a person who has contributed freely to making the gay community a better place to live. This contribution, although not necessarily publically acclaimed, is one that allows each of us to move through life more freely and with more companionship among our neighbours and aquaintances.

John DeSmit was a man at ease with life and who socialized freely with everyone around him. He loved having a good time and demanded nothing from those he encountered. He showed the unaware that gay people are worth caring about. He was himself cared about by many people from all walks of life and his untimely death was a tragic loss to all who knew him.

2017 David Chimko (Vanity Fair)
2016 Aaron Granley
2015 Kim Pizzey
2014 Kristy Harcourt
2013 Mickey Wilson
2012 Mayor Stephen Mandel
2011 Deborah Jakubec
2010 Deborah Chymyshyn & Tracey Smith
2009 Rob Pearson
2007 Laurie Blakemen
2006 Rae Ann Woods; Kristopher Wells
2005 Murray Billet
2004 Vince Richards
2003 James Ross
2002 Mickey Wilson
2001 Teri Hayes
2000 Robert Smith
1998 Fred Dicker
1997 Dennis Cambly
1995 Mark Bilko
1994 Chance Winn
1993 Conrad Dragu
1992 Michael MacKinnon
1991 Lloyd Gobeil
1990 Mother Jean
1989 Sam Evannochko
1988 Kevin Hendricks
1987 Kyle Edgar
1986 Darrin Hagen
1985 Michael Ritter
1984 John M Kerr
1983 Michael Phair
1982 Ron and Ross Hahn
1981 Pat Fortier
1980 Ron Byers
1979 Jim Herbert
1978 John Reid

Rising Star Lj Steele Memorial Award

In recognition of Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, proclaiming 2011 being the "Year of the Youth", the Rising Star Youth Award, created by the 35th Elected Emperor and Empress Lj Steele and Dee Luv, is presented annually to a youth member of the ISCWR who is between the ages of 15-30 years old. Selected by the current monarchs, the award recognizes an individual whom the monarchs believe has "star" qualities, be it through volunteering or performing in some aspect, while upholding the integrity of the organization.

2017 Angelo Mercy
2016 Kenya DeWitt
2015 Mel Trixx
2014 Hollywood SexDrive Roderiquez
2013 Bianca Lovegood
2012 Prince Charmin
2011 Clara T and Stiffy Steele