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Fundraiser Money for Knowledge Show
    (Edmonton, Sat Jan 12 @ 7:30PM)

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Other Titles
Current Title Holders
Mz. Gay Edmonton XXXI: Ivy League
Mr. Gay Edmonton XXXI: Rhyder Kuntz
Entertainer of the Year 2018: Dyxson Kuntz
Miss Mary Christmas 2017: Lady Tenderflake
Mister Mary Christmas 2017: Poppa Cherry
Queen of Hearts 2018: Rexy Resurrection / Bambi Dextrous
King of Hearts 2018: Colin Bae
Mr. Tough Drag 2018: Mr Indecisive
Amateur Drag King 2018: Jesse Can Dewitt
Amateur Drag Queen 2018: Chelazon la Roux
Junior Drag King 2018: Will Rider
Past Title Holders
Mr., Ms., Mz. Gay Edmontons Entertainers of the Year
Mister / Miss Mary Christmas King & Queen of Hearts