Upcoming Events
Premiere! A Broadway Duet Show

Fundraiser Premiere! A Broadway Duet Show
    (Edmonton, TODAY @ 8:30PM)

Canada D'Eh!

Fundraiser Canada D'Eh!
    (Edmonton, Sat Jul 1 @ 8:00PM)

Gay Edmonton Pageant

Competition Gay Edmonton Pageant
    (Edmonton, Sat Jul 8 @ 7:00PM)


Fundraiser Hell-Bent
    (Edmonton, Fri Jul 28 @ 7:30PM)

Entertainer of the Year

Fundraiser Entertainer of the Year
    (Edmonton, Sat Jul 29 @ 8:00PM)

In Town Show

Performance In Town Show
    (Edmonton, Sat Aug 19 @ 7:30PM)

The Imperial Command Show

Performance The Imperial Command Show
    (Edmonton, Thu Aug 24 @ 7:00PM)

Out of Town Show

Performance Out of Town Show
    (Edmonton, Fri Aug 25 @ 7:00PM)

Coronation XLII

Ceremony Coronation XLII
    (Edmonton, Sat Aug 26 @ 4:00PM)

Victory Brunch

Banquet Victory Brunch
    (Edmonton, Sun Aug 27 @ 10:00AM)

ISCWR Videos

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Other Titles
Current Title Holders
Mz. Gay Edmonton XXIX: Mel Trixx
Mr. Gay Edmonton XXIX: Harvey Steele
Ms. Gay Edmonton XXIX: Kenya DeWitt
Entertainer of the Year 2016: JohnBenet RamsMe
Miss Mary Christmas 2016: GiGi Gaynor
Mister Mary Christmas 2016: Dyxson Kuntz
Queen of Hearts 2017: Nova Gyna
King of Hearts 2017: Rhyder Kuntz
Mr. Tough Drag 2016: Shidonna Weave
Amateur Drag King 2017: Jordan King
Amateur Drag Queen 2017: Trixie Stix
Past Title Holders
Mr., Ms., Mz. Gay Edmontons Entertainers of the Year
Mister / Miss Mary Christmas King & Queen of Hearts