May 24, 2024

Previous Houses Under Millicent

A list of past reigning Emperors, Empresses, & Emprexes, Princes, Princesses, & Princets, and Dukes, Duchesses, & Ducets

The 48th Imperial House of Femmes, Thems, Irregular Hems, and Pussy Willows

Emprex:TISM Tilda WorldEnds
Emprex:TISM Gabe Itch
Princess:TISH Indecisive
Princet:HISH Billie Eyelash
Duke:HISG Gabe Autumn

The 47th Imperial House of They, Them & Theirs…Fun With Flags!

Emprex:TISM Vanity Fair
Emperor:HISM Colin Bae
Princet:TISH Gabe Itch
Prince:HISH Orpheus
Duchess:TISG Winter Rose Eh
Duke:HISG Voula Callas

The 46th Imperial House of Vintage Vixens and Modern Mixin’s

Empress:HISM GoDiva
Emperor:HISM Rob
Princess:HISH Bambi Dextrous
Prince:HISH Ferris Fair
Duchess:HISG Tequila Mockingbird
Duke:HISG Orpheus

The 45th Imperial House of Candied Yams & Fish Tacos

Empress:HISM Carrie Du’Way
Emperor:HISM Tanner Steele
Princess:HISH Rexy Resurrection
Prince:HISH Colin Bae
Duchess:HISG GoDiva
Duchess:HISG Bambi Dextrous

The 44th Imperial House of Bejeweled Prairie Dogs and Divine, Dynamite Divas

Empress:HISM Lola Lamore
Emperor:HISM Chris D. Bear
Princess:HISH Gigi Gaynor
Princet:HISH Harry Schnitzel
Duchess:HISG Nova Gyna

The 43rd Imperial House of S.H.A.D.E. (Strength, Helping, Adventure, Diversity and Excitement)

Empress:HISM Morgen Fair
Emperor:HISM Davvid DragOn
Princess:HISH Sister Mary Clarence
Prince:HISH Angelo Mercy
Duchess:HISG Rexy Resurrection
Duke:HISG Chris D. Bear

The 42nd Imperial House of Bear Hugs and Big Jugs

Empress:HISM Kenya DeWitt
Emperor:HISM Trey LePark Trash
Princess:HISH Divina Diefor
Prince:HISH Tanner Steele
Duchess:HISG Carrie Du’Way
Duke:HISG Dyxson Kuntz

The 41st Imperial House of Glamrock and Peacocks

Empress:HISM Ruby Hymen
Emperor:HISM Bull Dozr
Princess:HISH Morgan Fair
Prince:HISH Jack N Ginger

The 40th Imperial House of Glitz, Glam and Side of Ham

Empress:HISM Myra Maines
Emperor:HISM Yeust Bobb
Princess:HISH Carrie Du’Way
Prince:HISH Davvid Drag On
Duchess:HISG Christy Healy
Duke:HISG Trey LePark Trash

The 39th Imperial House of LaLaLa, Leather Lads and Luscious Ladies

Empress:HISM Kesley Breeze
Emperor:HISM Jacque Strappe
Princess:HISH Lyria Lust
Prince:HISH KP K Car
Duchess:HISG Hollywood SexDrive
Duke:HISG Prince Charmin

The 38th Imperial House of Royal Crowns and Crown Royal

Empress:HISM Dayzi Chayne
Emperor:HISM JeffyLube XXXPress
Princess:HISH Kelsey Breeze
Prince:HISH Jacque Strappe
Duchess:HISG Myra Maines
Duke:HISG Randy Quiver

The 37th Imperial House of Runaway Gypsy Brides and Latex Wife-Beaters

Emprex:HISM Vanity Fair
Emperor:HISM JJ Velour
Princess:HISH Kitty LeBehr
Prince:HISH Yeust Bobb
Duchess:HISG Tequila Mockingbird
Duke:HISG Genuwine Velour

The 36th Imperial House of Everything that was Old is New Again… The Circle of Life Continues

Empress:HISM Ivanna Diamonds
HISM Leah Way
HISM Marni Gras
Emperor:HISM BigDaddy Pump
HISM Jim McBride
HISM Rob Browatzke
Princess:HISH Vanity Fair
Prince:HISH Stiffy Steele
Duchess:HISG Clara T
Duke:HISG Yeust Bobb

The 35th Imperial House of The Lady and The Tramp 101 Puppies in Tow

Empress:HISM Dee Luv
Emperor:HISM LJ Steele
Princess:HISH Dayzi Chayne
Prince:HISH JeffyLube XXXPress
Duchess:HISG Kara S. Matic
Duke:HISG JJ Velour

The 34th Imperial House: Tons of Fun

Empress: HISM Ivanna Diamonds
Emperor: HISM BigDaddy Pump
Princess: HISH Godiva
Prince: HISH Rob Browatzke
Duchess:HISG Kitty LeBehr
Duke:HISG JeffyLube XXXPress

The 33rd Imperial House of Tulle and Other Pleasurable Devices

Empress: HISM Marni Gras
Emperor: HISM Sundance Lonestar
Princess: HISH Kelsey Breeze
Prince: HISH BigDaddy Pump
Duchess:HISG Ivanna Diamonds
Duke:HISG Randy Quiver

The 32nd Imperial House of F.U.N. – Friendship, Unity & Naughtiness

Empress: HISM Toni Lester
Emperor: HISM Regent Emperor Lloyd Blue Em All
Princess: HISH Dee Luv
Prince: HISH LJ Steele
Princess: HISH Mia Fellow
Prince:HISH Jack Daniels (Appointed)
Duchess:HISG Luca DaTits
Duke:HISG Skippy Scool

The 31st Imperial House of Northern Lights and Southern Delights

Empress: HISM Southern Comfort
Emperor: HISM Chuck Lonestar
Princess: HISH Elise She Showed Up
Prince: HISH Sundance
Duchess:HISG Caprice / Connie Lingua
Duke:HISG Lj Steele / David Waterhouse

The XXX Imperial House of XXX-travagant XXX-tasy and XXX-rated Erotica

Empress: HISM Leah Way
Emperor: HISM Lloyd Blue Em All
Princess: HISH Marni Gras
Prince: HISH Jamal Patra
Duchess:HISG Mia Fellow / Toni Lester

The 29th Imperial House of Broadway Bois and a Babe

Empress: HISM Vicky
Emperor: HISM Co-Emporers Ron & Jim
Princess: HISH Southern Comfort
Prince: HISH Lloyd Blue Em All

The 28th Imperial House of Never Ending Sunsets & Everlasting Fantasies

Empress: HISM Cleo Oprah Patra
Emperor: HISM Rob Browatzke
Princess: HISH Sticky Vicky
Duchess:HISG Kitten Kaboodle / Connie Lingua

The 27th Imperial House of Blah Blah Blah and What a Pity

Empress: HISM Endora
Emperor: HISM Bobby BigOnion
Princess: HISH Krystall Ball / Bianca
Prince: HISH Mark

The 26th Imperial House of the Fun that was Lost but Not Forgotten

Empress: HISM Ida Claire
Emperor: HISM Rob Browatzke
Princess: HISH Ladonna
Prince: HISH Bobby

The 25th Imperial House Under Millicent: The Celebration Court – From Silver Screens to Broadway’s Follies

Empress: HISM Mr. Vera
Emperor: HISM Ron
Princess: HISH Ida Claire
Prince: HISH Rob Browatzke / Jim

The 24th Dynasty of Ebony & Ivory with Fried Chicken, Watermelons and Ta Ta’s for Days

Empress: HISM Dyna Thirst
Emperor: HISM Garry
Princess: HISH Dezyna Gowan
Prince: HISH Gaily Forward

The 23rd Imperial House of Luv

Empress: HISM Weena Luv
Princess: HISH Sticky Vicky / Ida Claire
Prince: HISH Chris D’Party

The 22nd Imperial House Under Millicent

Empress: HISM Jackie Two-Step
Emperor: HISM Brian
Princess: HISH Roxanne Hurd-Pride
Prince: HISH Scott

The 21st Imperial House of Turn-A-Bout is Fair Play

Emperor: HISM Signy Chaise St. Claire
Princess: HISH Endora
Prince: HISH Ed

The 20th Imperial Color Coordinated House of Lace, Lame & Lounge Acts

Empress: HISM Töotsanelda Whöofenpeekhole
Emperor: HISM Mr. Vera
Princess: HISH Weena Luv
Prince: HISH Jim

The 19th Imperial House of G.I. Gals & Glamorous Joes

Empress: HISM Gretchen Wilder
Emperor: HISM Jim
Princess: HISH Natasha
Prince: HISH Horst

The 18th Imperial Carrot House of Life, Liberty & the Pursuit…

Empress: HISM Marsha
Emperor: HISM Toni Curtis
Princess: HISH Gretchen Wilder
Prince: HISH Jim

The Recycled Environmentally Friendly 17th Imperial House of Androgyny

Empress: HISM Mary Mess
Emperor: HISM Mr. Vera
Princess: HISH Marsha Black
Prince: HISH Toni Curtis

The 16th Imperial House of Women on the Edge

Empress: HISM Mandy
Emperor: HISM Brian
Princess: HISH Ginger Snapped
Prince: HISH Darryl

The Most Excellent 15th Imperial House of Divining Rod… A New Decade

Empress: HISM Twiggy
Emperor: HISM Pierre
Princess: HISH Jackie Two-Step
Prince: HISH Nellie Michael

The 14th Imperial House of Silver Tongs and Dance

Empress: HISM Leah Way
Emperor: HISM Rob
Princess: HISH Twiggy
Prince: HISH Pepe

The 13th Imperial House of Pitbulls & Poodles

Empress: HISM Gracie
Emperor: HISM Jim
Princess: HISH Brandi Bodeen
Prince: HISH Kevin

The 12th Imperial House of Vicious Knights & Imperial Pleasures

Empress: HISM Ora Fice
Emperor: HISM Teddy Bear
Princess: HISH Mandy
Prince: HISH Perry

The 11th Imperial House of Age & Adventure

Empress: HISM Beverly Crest
Emperor: HISM Sig
Princess: HISH Ora Fice
Prince: HISH Don

The Unified Decade Imperial House of Divine Xcellence and Motherly Love The Crystal Gondola Empire and the Vast Wonderland of the North Home to the Wildest Part Children in Canada

Empress: HISM Amii L. Nitrate and
 HISM Mother Jean
Princess: HISH Ora Fice
Prince: HISH Don

The 9th Imperial House of Dirty Diamonds

Empress: HISM Lulu La Rude
Emperor: HISM Buster Boxx
Princess: HISH Gloria Hole
Prince: HISH Michael

The 8th Imperial House of The Crazy Eights

Empress: HISM Mary Mess
Emperor: HISM Rick
Princess: HISH Lexi Con
Prince: HISH Greg

The 7th Imperial House of The Mega Mentals

Empress: HISM Mrs. K
Emperor: HISM Sam
Princess: HISH Lexi Con
Prince: HISH Trash

The 6th Imperial House of Polaris – The Star Court

Empress: HISM Lindee Star
Emperor: HISM Daryl
Princess: HISH Mrs. K
Prince: HISH Sam

The 5th Imperial House of The Undersea World of Atlantis

Empress: HISM Trixie
Emperor: HISM Joe Boy
Princess: HISH Loni
Prince: HISH Sam

The 4th Imperial House Under Millicent

Empress: HISM Ray St Claire 
Emperor: HISM Michael
Princess: HISH Bubbles
Prince: HISH Ron

The 3rd Imperial House Under Millicent

Empress: HISM Nikki
Emperor: HISM Tony
Princess: HISH Rayette / Vera
Prince: HISH Roy

The 2nd Imperial House Under Millicent

Empress: HISM Mr. Chatty Cathy Jackson
Emperor HISM John Reid
Princess: HISH Hoopy
Prince: HISH Bobby

The 1st Imperial House Under Millicent

Empress: HISM Millicent
Princess: HISH Chatty Cathy Jackson
Prince: HISH John Reid